Document Management System (DMS)

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We are leading supplier of wind power castings. We wanted efficient process and some reports to meet compliance requirements. We chosen Atton to provide custom development services. We together executed custom developments before estimated time, without compromise of quality.

Mr. Dabole, IT-Project Head, Manufacturer of Wind Power Castings

Document Management System

The increasing complexity of products has led to increasingly complex development tools, such as computer-aided design (CAD) systems, and more advanced production processes, such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems. CAD and CAM tools have been used to optimize production times and quality.

As this process becomes more complex, the systems for managing the technical documents involved need to be more sophisticated. The many different procedures for describing products (such as design drawings, photographs, and texts) mean that there is a huge increase in digitally stored data.

SAP Document ManagementĀ meets all these complex requirements. In addition to managing documents, it also coordinates document processing. You can automate the entire life cycle of a document: from document creation to document storage, from access to update. Each document can be accessed immediately from any computer in the network.

Range of Industries

Consumer Industries
Discrete Industries
Energy and Natural Resources
Service Industries


  • Complete integration of document across business processes
  • Secured and easy distribution documents
  • Quick retrieval of documents
  • Secured administration of digital record
  • Consistency in Data


  • Version management
  • Link to objects (Sales, Purchase, Networks,Production)
  • Classification
  • Engineering change management
  • Document distribution
  • Digital signatures
  • Status network
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