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We are leading supplier of wind power castings. We wanted efficient process and some reports to meet compliance requirements. We chosen Atton to provide custom development services. We together executed custom developments before estimated time, without compromise of quality.

Mr. Dabole, IT-Project Head, Manufacturer of Wind Power Castings


SAP Marketing cloud unite experience and operational data across the enterprise to build a single, comprehensive view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy.

Range of Industries

Consumer Industries
Discrete Industries
Energy and Natural Resources
Service Industries


  • Sharpen focus of marketing using full context of customer data
  • Build customer trust and deepen customer relationship using insight and agility
  • Optimize customer experience and outcomes
  • Drive demand and growth for business to business marketing
  • Gain deeper customer insights to understand intent and anticipate customer behavior
  • Identify hidden trends and discover micro segments with just a few clicks


  • Dynamic Profiling of Customers – Identify, capture, and enrich customer profiles across all sources in a single view to gain insights into customers’ real-time intents.
  • Marketing Planning and Performance – Collaborate across teams and provide transparency into marketing plans, budgets, and performance in real time.
  • Campaigns, Audience and Journey – Target and orchestrate cross channel engagements accurately to deliver the personalized experiences customers expect.
  • Lead and Account Based Marketing – Generate, nurture and convert leads into revenue with close collaboration between sales and marketing.
  • Marketing Analytics – Understand marketing performance and the drivers to business success.
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