Sales Management

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We selected atton to support application and major task is to streamline our process. Atton team successfully handled this task and streamlined our P2P, Q2C, P2P process.We specially impressed with there deep understanding of our process and SAP ERP product.

Mr. V. Deshpande, Manager, Leading Mill Roller Manufacturer


Sell more and faster

Enhance your sales representative’s day to day work experience while improving the customer experience and accelerating the buying process.

Range of Industries

Consumer Industries
Discrete Industries
Energy and Natural Resources
Service Industries


  • Accelerate Sales
  • Guide sales team quickly through quotes and contracts
  • Manage sales territories
  • Manage sales incentives and commissions
  • Embrace the future of selling


  • Sales automation and forecast optimization
  • Quotations and contract management
  • Sales performance management
  • Billing and revenue management
  • Augmented intelligence