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There is always someone looking to beat you and take your place. It’s a continuous cycle, athletes and teams work to gain a competitive edge. When they find something that works the competition copies it. The playing field is then leveled and the cycle starts again. Yet something new is happening in sports that offers the possibility of a competitive edge that is tougher to copy. The sports industry is experiencing a massive digital transformation centered on the capture, real time analysis and utilization of data. Traditional methods in athlete management, scouting, health, fitness, training, development, game execution and compliance are all being transformed by the digitization of sports. The result is the digital athlete, anyone and everyone will collect the data. As more organizations hire analysts, the playing field has leveled yet again. Competitive advantage won’t necessarily be won by those who can collect the most data, but rather it will go to those who can make the most sense of the data and act on it in real time. The potential impact across all facets of individual athletes and team operations is significant.


Improving ROI from marketing investment

New data collection technologies are hitting the market

Developing corporate partnership

Legal regulations and issues

Complexity is a barrier to gaining a competitive edge

Ever changing media rights


Marketing and Engagement

  • Fan and Customer Engagement
  • Fan and Customer Analytics
  • Fan and Customer Loyalty
  • Marketing Planning and Analytics
  • Marketing Execution

Strategic Demand Management

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Capital Portfolio and Project Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise, Risk and Compliance

Sales and Commerce

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Ticketing
  • Commerce for Merchandise
  • Commerce for Digital Content
  • Food and Beverage

Team Performance

  • Team Management
  • Training Management
  • Player Health and Fitness
  • Performance Insights
  • Scouting Insights
  • Player and Team Analytics

Contextual Marketing and Service  

  • Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Single Customer View
  • Marketing with Speed and Agility
  • In-Moment Customer Experiences
  • Omnichannel Customer Service

Digital Transformation of Commerce and Sales

  • Data Management for Omnichannel Commerce
  • Omnichannel Commerce Management
  • Ticketing
  • Hotel Chain Operations and Front-Office Management

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Consulting Services

Information Technology Strategy
Business Process Re-engineering
Change Management
Program Management
Project Management

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Application Services

Global Roll out
Production Support
Application Conversion
Landscape Transformation

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Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine Learning
Block Chain
Data Intelligence

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