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Despite the many hours spent carefully planning a critical IT project, it may fail without the right oversight, guidance and coordination. Project failures are not only widespread, they are extremely costly. There are many root causes behind these stats, including:

  • Inadequate communication
  • Change in organization’s priorities and objectives
  • Poor planning and planning processes
  • Failure to adequately identify, document, and track requirements
  • Inadequately trained Project Managers
  • Lack of skilled resources
  • Poor budget management

Program and Project Management Services

Our Program and Project Managers provide the expertise, guidance, and oversight that organizations need to ensure the success of their project. Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of companies across retail, consumer goods, government, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, and more plan and execute their critical IT projects.

Leveraging this experience, we bring tremendous industry, product, and methodology knowledge to our clients’ projects. We know the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the right actions to take when something doesn’t go as expected.

Our Program and Project Managers assist companies in many ways including:

  • Planning and defining scope
  • Providing team leadership and mentorship
  • Assigning and coordinating the right resources, when and where they’re needed
  • Working with vendors to ensure they deliver what’s needed, as expected
  • Establishing schedules and tracking timelines, adjusting as needed
  • Identifying opportunities to gain efficiencies and streamline processes
  • Managing the project to the budget and providing forecasts
  • Managing risks and responding to issues
  • Coordinating projects/tasks and interdependencies
  • Aligning deliverables with desired business outcomes
  • Creating and managing documentation
  • Ensuring and controlling quality of deliverables
  • Monitoring and reporting progress to stakeholders
  • Ensuring milestones and goals are achieved on-time and within the budget


We create the right team with right skills from a pool of talented consultants who can draw upon industry specific experience in similar projects and who offer a proven track record in project delivery.

We delivery projects within stipulated time frame.

Use of preconfigured templates, blueprints, content and processes combined with our innovative delivery model.

Our professionals have deep knowledge across several industries and have unique focus on delivering SAP solutions and services to any kind of industry verticals.

Proven track record with business stakeholders to align their business/process requirements.

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We are leading supplier of wind power castings. We wanted efficient process and some reports to meet compliance requirements. We chosen Atton to provide custom development services. We together executed custom developments before estimated time, without compromise of quality.

Mr. Dabole, IT-Project Head, Manufacturer of Wind Power Castings